Walking on Water

“Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. ‘You of little faith,’ he said, ‘why did you doubt?’ ”  Matthew 14:31

Suggested Reading: Matthew 14:22-36

It is always amazing to me how quickly a storm can overcome us when we least expected it.  A few years ago on a long, hot summer day I was boating with some friends on Lake Michigan in small speedboat.  We were cruising back and forth along the shore and stopping periodically for a short dip in the refreshing water.  We were having so much fun that we didn’t notice a huge dark storm cloud rolling in from the horizon.  By the time we saw the storm approaching it was too late.  Huge drops of rain began to fall, the waves began to get bigger and the wind began to pick up.  Fortunately, we were not far from shore so we just ended up getting soaked to the bone.

That experience must have been a little bit like the one the disciples found themselves in 2000 years ago.  The Sea of Galilee is notorious for storms popping up suddenly without warning.  They did not have the luxury of having a powerful speedboat to rush them to safety.  Instead, they were totally at the mercy of the storm and fearing for their lives.  We can also find ourselves stuck out in a “storm of life.”  A life-storm is a tough situation that we find ourselves it such as losing a loved one, health concerns, breakdown of a relationship, bad day of work or a hearing some bad news.  These storms can cause us to get disheartened and lose our faith, just like the disciples did.  However, no matter how bad the storm that we face is we can always take comfort in knowing that Jesus is there for us when we call on Him.  Jesus heard the cries of his disciples and came to their aid by walking out to them on the water.

Now, how do we get out of this storm that we are caught up in?  We need to have the faith of Peter to step out of the boat and come to Jesus.  He is inviting us to step out on the water, to take a leap of faith, and join Him.  Sadly though, we like Peter look back at the wind and the waves and lose faith.  Sometimes we begin to sink and let the storm overcome us, but Jesus will always reach our His hand to us to pick us back up.  All we have to do is take His hand.  Always remember that you are never alone, Jesus is always there for us no matter how bad the storm can be.  Focus on him and you too can walk on water and be lead out of the storms of life.

Pray: Lord, help me to have more faith when I’m stuck in a storm of life.  Help me to put aside all the worries that I hold in my heart and trust you for deliverance.  Thank-you Lord, for always being there for us no matter what situation we find ourselves in.


About Mac DeBoer

Mac DeBoer is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. He and his family are members of South Blendon Reformed Church in Hudsonville, MI. Mac is an active member and has served as a Consistory member, Youth Leader, Sunday School teacher and website administrator. He is a happily married father of three boys and enjoys bowhunting and other outdoor activities in Northern Michigan.
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