The World is Waiting…Will you GO? by Jamie Lynn Sivak

Can you remember the days before you knew Jesus…the time before you experienced His grace and mercy, back before your life was forever changed?

Some of you (like me) have been saved for as long as you can remember. I can honestly say that I gave my life to Jesus as a small child and have been serving Him since. How fortunate we are to have had the privilege of hearing the Gospel so young. Those of us in that boat may have a hard time recalling the “days before”. Whether we can recall them or not, we’ve still experienced them.

Maybe you’re in a different boat. Maybe you found Jesus later in life and for you, those “days before” are still fresh memories, an ever-present reminder of where you’d be without Jesus.

Now picture what your life would be like today if no one ever told you about Jesus. What if you didn’t know that there was a Savior who gave His life to save you from your sins? What if you had never heard? What if no one ever took the time to tell you? It’s a rather grim picture, right? Can you imagine, the uncertainty, the loneliness and lack of purpose that you use to feel still very real in your life today?

We as Christians are so unbelievably privileged to have the Gospel. And as American’s, even more so. We not only have the Gospel, but we have it in every possible format you can think of. From Radio programs and Television shows to printed Bibles in more versions than I can name. Even our iPhones have apps for that. In America if you want to know the truth, all you have to do is look around. Normally you can find a Bible in every hotel room and even on the shelves of your local Wal-Mart.

For Americans, the Gospel is literally everywhere. Chances are if you live in America, and you’re over the age of two, you have heard the Gospel story of Jesus Christ at least one time if not, multiple times. Americans may not all immediately accept the truth of the Gospel, but it’s not for lack of opportunity to hear it.

However, on the other side of the World, the lost are given substantially less of an opportunity to hear the Gospel. In nations like India, Burma and Cambodia, poverty runs rampant. There they don’t have TVs in every home. Most don’t even have houses, as we would see a house. Many of these people live in nothing more than a grass hut and some don’t even have that. Without a TV how can they hear the Gospel on the latest Christian television program? They can’t.

Now you’re probably thinking, ”Ok so they don’t have a TV, but surely they have the printed word.” Maybe they do. And maybe, just maybe the Gospel has been translated into their language. Unfortunately though, the majority of third world nations don’t have a bookstore in every city and contrary to popular belief, not every nation has a Wal-Mart. So even if the Gospel has been translated, where do they get it? Someone has to get it to them.

The reality is, for most of the World the only chance they have to hear the Gospel is if the body of Christ will venture out and GO. GO into the World and tell them. Jesus knew that the only way the Gospel would be heard throughout the nations was if someone would step up and GO. That’s why before He left the earth, in His final moments with His disciples Jesus didn’t spend His time instructing them on how to obtain the highest level of prosperity. Instead He urged them…commanded them, to “GO into ALL THE WORLD and PREACH the GOOD NEWS to ALL CREATION.” Mark 16:15.

As followers (disciples) of Christ, we too are held to the very same command to GO. According to current statistics from Joshua Project, there are at least 3 billion people in the World that have never heard the Gospel. That means there are 3 billion precious people that are currently waiting to hear. They’re waiting on the Church. They’re waiting on YOU.

The World is Waiting…Will you GO?

About Jamie Lynn Sivak:
Jamie Lynn graduated RHEMA Bible Training Center in 2006 and has since served as a missionary. She is currently the Director of the Global Ventures Team Trip Department at John Smithwick Ministries International in Tulsa, Ok. There she helps to facilitate teams of anywhere from ten to eighty team members from all across North America, Europe and South America to various unreached nations throughout the World to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through Street Evangelism and Mass Crusades the Global Ventures teams have literally reached thousands of people across the World. Jamie Lynn has traveled as a missionary to nine different nations and has led teams in seven of those nations.

In 2012 Jamie Lynn, as a part of Global Ventures, will help lead teams to the nations of Nicaragua, Cambodia, Thailand, Peru and Nepal.

For more information or to join Jamie Lynn on one of the many Global Ventures Team Trips please visit www.GlobalVentures.TV or


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