“For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.”    1 Corinthians 2:2

Suggested Reading: 1 Corinthians 2:1-5

Happy New Year from the Wondersword Team!  We hope this post finds you well in this new year.  By now, the Christmas decorations have been taken down, the goodies are eaten and many of you reading this have made your new year’s resolutions.  Some of you may have already broken them by now.  Honestly, I’ve given up on new year’s resolutions altogether.  I usually make resolutions like losing a few pounds, exercising more or kicking the coffee habit.  I have even made more significant resolutions such as reading my Bible more, spending more time in prayer or increasing my financial support to our church or other organization.  However, life has a way of gobbling up time, energy and money.  By March 1st, the resolution is broken and no change takes place.  I think that the problem with resolutions is that we set out to achieve life-changing goals in our own strength.  Unless we have support and accountability or the inward drive and discipline of a marine drill sergeant we will fail.

Paul made an important resolution to the Corinthian church in 1 Corinthians 2:2.  He said, ‘For I resolve to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ in Him crucified.’  That may seem quite lofty and life-changing, but Paul was not doing it alone.  In verses 4 and 5 of chapter 2, Paul makes it clear that his successful ministry and faith had nothing to do with him, but rather the power of God on display.  God gave him the strength each day to stand firm in the face of trials and to be an incredible vessel from which God poured out His wisdom to the nations.  It had nothing to do with Paul’s abilities, but rather his willingness give it all to Christ.

At our church our seminary intern was speaking on this verse during the children’s message on January 1st.  This verse really made me think about new year’s resolutions in a different way.  Maybe we need to keep it simple and make Paul’s resolution our own, that is to ‘know nothing… except Jesus Christ… in Him crucified’.  Certainly making a goal to read the Bible more, develop a personal devotion life and an active prayer life are central to what a life of ‘knowing’ Christ looks like.  However, instead of focusing on the mechanics of what that relationship with Christ ‘looks’ like, perhaps we need to get on our knees and express our desire to God to get to know Him better.  Instead of relying on our ever-failing human resolve we can allow God to convict and inspire us as to how to grow in our relationship with Him.  For some, God might impress on our hearts the desire to read His Word in a new and more productive way.  For others, it may mean experiencing God in ways we could never imagine.

The amazing thing is that there is a God in heaven who desires to have a active, personal relationship with you.  Regardless of who you are, what you’ve done, take a moment to get on your knees, humble yourself before the Lord and let your spirit cry out, ‘Lord, I want to know You!’  Let’s let this year be one where we grow closer to God then we could have imagined.


About Mac DeBoer

Mac DeBoer is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. He and his family are members of South Blendon Reformed Church in Hudsonville, MI. Mac is an active member and has served as a Consistory member, Youth Leader, Sunday School teacher and website administrator. He is a happily married father of three boys and enjoys bowhunting and other outdoor activities in Northern Michigan.
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