Your Gift Will Make Room for You! by Marvin Yoder

[Proverbs 18:16, NKJV]
16 A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men.

This verse has a two-fold application: [1] it can refer to a gift that you give as a bribe to someone so they will allow you to do something, or [2] it can refer to the gifts that God has placed in you that, when fully developed, will cause others to notice you and to allow you to use your gift. A gift or bribe makes a way for you, and in the same way your gifts within you will make a way for you!

God has placed within all of us gifts and talents that will enable us to be successful in life. These gifts give us a clue to the plans that God has for us. He desires that we use these gifts to glorify Him, to be successful in life, and to be a significant blessing to others.

Maybe your gift is some spiritual quality such as praying, teaching, walking in love, or encouraging others. Or it could be some kind of mental or emotional capacity that you have, such as a great memory, the capacity to figure out complex problems, or to express deep care to others. Perhaps your gift is some kind of ability such as organizational skills, musical ability, athletic ability, financial wisdom, or physical strength.

Here are some ways to develop the gifts within you so that you can achieve great things . . .

First, focus your attention upon someone greater than you. Keep your eyes upon God who is greater than you! When you focus on God, you will be drawn to a higher level—toward the greatness of God. Focusing on God will allow you to embrace His values and beliefs in you, and use your gifts with the proper motivation and method so that God receives the glory!

Next, find a mentor—someone from whom you can learn about what you’re getting ready to do. God did not intend that you negotiate the journey of His will by yourself. God has planned for individuals to cross your path that will help you rise up to the full potential of your gifts! Write down the mentor you have in your field of expertise. Many people in the Bible had a mentor. . . Moses had Jethro, his father-in-law. Joshua had Moses. Samuel had Eli, the priest. Elisha had Elijah, the prophet. The disciples had Jesus. Paul had Barnabas. Timothy and Silas had Paul.

Then, count the cost of achieving great things. Realize that obtaining an education, developing relationships, getting experience, and learning to endure difficult times are part of the price you pay for achieving great things. You may have to practice or work while others play, but remember, you’re going someplace that these people are not going! Learn from what other people went through to achieve great things, and this will encourage you to continue your journey.

Finally, realize the gifts you have developed in you will open doors of opportunities for you. These gifts will cause people to notice you, to want to hire you, or to allow you to use your gifts around them. Great people will give audience, or give room, to you when you have fully developed your gifts, and allow you to achieve great things!

About Marvin Yoder:
Pastor Marvin Yoder’s practical and often humorous illustrations and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as he minister the Word encourages people, and helps them to grow up into their God-given destiny. He has authored several books and study guides, including “Movin’ On Up” and “The Traveling Minister’s Handbook.” Marvin and his wife Leah have three children, Christina Anne, Nichole Joy, and Audrey Danielle. Currently they pastor LifePointe Church in Mattoon, IL.

For more information on Marvin Yoder visit LifePointe Church’s website:

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3 Responses to Your Gift Will Make Room for You! by Marvin Yoder

  1. Ms. Billie L. Hicks says:

    I have been encouraged by these words I have read.

  2. Joshua Gray-Read says:

    Superb!! A really good read.

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